Another Slice of ‘The Evil Within’ is Coming Early Next Year

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chris-littlechild - December 13, 2014

The Evil Within was a fairly controversial one. Was it a glorious, balls-out horror extravaganza from genre guru Shinji Mikami? Was it an overrated ballache that did nothing for survival horror? As always, the internet can't decide, and everyone's bitching at everyone else.

But nuts to all of that. Even The Evil Within fans can agree on one thing: character development levels were slim to eff all. Sebastian, I didn't hear a single piss-poor quip from you the entire game (a la Leon in Resident Evil 4). I didn't see you blossom from reluctant hero to plain ol' badass, or anything of that nature. Whatever batshit crazy was going on around you, you just shuffled along comatose throughout. What the hell was up with that?

But screw it. Nobody has time for that kind of thing. Not the first time around, at any rate.

Here comes another dose of DLC. Perhaps it'll inject a little personality into these guys and gals. Perhaps it won't. But what it damn well will do is let us play as enigmatic agent Juli Kidman. As the game's director told GameSpot:
‘She's much livelier than Sebastian was in the main game... her story is a bit more personal than his as well, so there's a bit of banter and commentary as you play.'

This installment, dubbed The Assignment, arrives early 2015. Hit the link for a quick (very darn quick) teaser.

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