Announcers Filling Air Time While Naked Man Runs Through L.A. Traffic To Get You Through The Week

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Sam Robeson - September 6, 2018


First off, does anyone here watch Drugs, Inc? It's damn great. If we can't have that narrator detailing the every move of this carjacker and obvious PCP aficionado running through L.A. traffic buck nude, then at least we have these chucklehead announcers. They can't seem to decide on a tone, and as soon as they paint the addict as a kooky streaker on a wacky adventure, he'll narrowly avoid getting decapitated by a car. Then they get serious for a second, before taking us back to chuckletown. All I could think of was Fox News' coverage of the man blowing his brains out during a chase. But I guess, where would the naked guy keep his gun? Oh, wait.

Head HERE for the possibly NSFW-ish but probably not really video

Photo Credit: TMZ

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