Anne Winters Keeps It Hot!

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Echo Lawrence - January 7, 2021

Anne Winters is the actress who appeared in the Selene Gomez produced tv show about teen suicide called 13 Reasons Why. Apparently Anna starred as Chloe in the show, but I haven't watched it so I have no idea if she's the one who killed herself or not. She is also the actress who was campaigning pretty hard to be cast as Madonna in her upcoming bipoic, which she apparently did not land.

The 26 year old from Dallas,Texas is gearing up to star as Charly Burke in the Seth McFarlane series The Orville. While her name is Winters, she sure is keeping things hot over on her Instagram channel with photos that show off not only her beauty, but her hobbies, like painting in her garage.

I think the studio set up is more for the photoshoot and less about the art because she never did reveal what she painted that day.. but do we care?

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