Annalynne McCord Crotch Shot in 68 Kill

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aldo-vallon - October 10, 2017

 There is a lot that can be learned from this short gif. Number one being to never point a gun at your cooter unless you're looking to give yourself a breathing vent. Number two being to never point two guns at your cooter for the same reason as previously mentioned, only doubled. And number 3 being that seeing a woman point two guns at her cooter could quite possibly be the single most arousing gesture I have ever seen a woman perform. That is including the international symbol for a blow job, but excluding anything that would require nudity. It really would not be a fair competition if TNA was involved. That would be like a professional football player entering into a recreational league in the off season. It would be a massacre. Those frat boys looking to relive their glory days would not stand a chance. So thankfully there are no boobs competing with this clip. It is just the lovely Annalynne McCord showcasing a few of America's favorite things.   


Photo Credit: IFC Midnight