AnnaLynne McCord Panty Peek Pictures Prove Me Wrong (But Are Still So Right)

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bill-swift - July 16, 2010

"I'm doubling down with a prediction that the lady goes commando beneath the belt as well."

What dummy made this prediction? Oh, right, me, just this morning. And, now, as the sun sets on another Egotastic! day, I'm proven completely wrong. AnnaLynne McCord panty peek pictures from this very day prove how the universe giveth (as in these exclusive photographs of this very sexy babe) and the universe taketh away (as in my fantasies of AnnaLynne walking around with the fresh air whistling freely through her McCord muffin.) As to AnnaLynne McCord and her ironic t-shirt 'This Not a Photo Opportunity', plastered over her small, but delightful boobs, well, my dear, good luck. Enjoy, at my expense.

Photo credit: GSi media

P.S. Jenna the Mighty, sensei of all things fashion in our office, quickly identified AnnaLynne's undies, for those who care about such details, or obsess about them to the point of needing psychological treatment, like myself:


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