Anna Faris: Hot / Fake / Kind of Annoying

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bill-swift - April 8, 2009

So, does anyone else find Anna Faris increasingly annoying? Yes, she's cute, sexy, and, for the most part, funny, but I find her act is wearing exceedingly thin. She's been doing the whole "I'm just a dumb blonde" and "I make goofy faces" routine for as long as she's been around, and it's just boring now. And then there's the fact that she appears to be morphing into a Heidi Montag clone. From her collagen filled lips, to her silicone filled breasts, I don't think there's anything real left on her, including that bleach blonde hair. I think it's about time Anna Faris got a new gimmick.

That being said, there's lots more pictures of Anna Faris and her new-found cleavage in that crazy dress, after the jump.