Angelina Needs NATO’s Help

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elliot-wolf - February 2, 2018

Celebrities are a strange bunch when it comes to sexual violence. Angelina Jolie isn’t concerned about stateside sexual offenses like the rest of Hollywood. She’s taking her complaints across seas where the MeToo movement may have a little more credibility than whiney celebrity women who were stiffed twice. She wouldn't be an A-lister if she wasn't thinking internationally. Jolie would like NATO to turn their attention towards sexual abuse against women in war zones. There are men blowing other men’s brains out on the battlefield and somehow women are once again the main focus. Women just won’t stop until “rape culture” becomes a recognized term like “mansplaining.”

Jolie visited NATO headquarters to discuss the ongoing problem of sexual violence in conflict zones. Jolie joined a conversation between NATO representatives and the UN Refugee Agency.

What exactly are the rules when firing ballistic missiles at the faces of your enemy? Throughout history the winners were always expected to rape and pillage the village. Some cultures are inclined to operate at the lowest common denominator in times of stress. How can NATO help make individuals behave when in their hearts they just wish to do devious deeds during war? Unless Angelina plans on adopting every female refugee the rapes will be reoccurring. And I doubt she has enough room in her mansion for it either way. At least it's a heartfelt initiative that makes her feel fulfilled on the inside until she becomes the inevitable unmarried lonely crazy cat lady.

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