Angelina Jolie Hotness Continues Its Reign in the South of France

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bill-swift - May 13, 2011

Despite all the talk of Angelina Jolie perhaps being post-peak thanks to kids and work and age and such, I say, not a chance. This MILF may no longer be in the debates for hottest celebrity in Hottieville, but she has such a reservoir of the good looks built up, she's still a ridiculously sexy woman with an amazing body and the veteran wiles to teach you young cubs a thing or too about hotness. These Angeline Jolie pictures from Cannes and the pimping of the Kung Fu Panda a couple weeks ahead of the sequel release, well, she may no longer be wearing her lover's blood or making out with her brother or stealing men from Jennifer Aniston by sheer force of vagina power, but she's still a woman I'd gladly share my yurt with during the rainy season. Enjoy.