Angela Jonsson Drops Some East Indian Spice on Pages of Maxim

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bill-swift - November 16, 2011

We're always and forever in search of more Indian celebrity hotness, of which, by the way, there is a bountiful Bollywood bushel full of on any given day. But, we're also incredibly lazy, so we often wait for long distance hotties to come to us, in this case, Angela Jonsson, young half-Iceland-half Indian model and aspiring actress and winner of the Kingfisher Calendar contest throughout the subcontinent, making her instantly famous and the faptastic sensation of boys from Mumbai to Darjeeling. Featured in her native land's Maxim magazine, Angela fires off a lust-inducing bomb of exotic proportions, the type of unique sextastic look that drives men into long, foreign adventures. Or, in my case, to the mailbox for my foreign edition Maxims. Enjoy.