Andrea Calle’s Sweaty Workout At The Park

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bill-swift - August 7, 2014

MMA reporter and sexy person Andrea Calle had a nice sweaty workout in tiny tight athletic gear at a park in Miami. She wore a sportsbra that kept her large Latin funbags tight and secure. It also created some outstanding cleavage. I believe when ta-tas are all sweaty and pushed up like that is what is meant by the sleazy romance novel verb "heaving". Her amazing girls were heaving in that sports bra. But the bottoms are what fill me with particular delight. Andrea has a truly extraordinary booty that was made to be shown off in tight shorts. Her derriere is so shapely and curvy but is nicely toned as well. Add to that a hint of camel toe due to the tightness of the shorts and you have the makings of an epic set of pictures.

I admire people who have the discipline to exercise daily. I admire people who are hot and workout every day in tight Spandex even more.