Andrea Calle Bikini Pictures Mix Colombian and American Flags to Wicked Hot Body Perfection

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bill-swift - April 29, 2014

Spanish language MMA sports reporter Andrea Calle has a lot going for her. She's covering one of the best sports in the world with one of the finest bikini bodies in the world, making her the new girl of my Latina sultry sextastica dreams.

The Colombian born brunette temptress has taken Miami by storm, going to the excellent lengths of creating a bikini that highlights her Sudamericana and U.S. dual patriotism, while also highlighting her tremendous hot body and one stellar thumper. If world peace is every to be achieved, I have to think this is the route it will likely take. Crazy beautiful women of the world uniting in bikini body goodness across borders. I feel a kumbaya coming on, though that may be an erection. Oh, shoot me for being honest. Enjoy.

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