Anais Zanotti Purple Bikini Madness Thong Style in Miami

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bill-swift - February 20, 2014

French styled stuntwoman and all-around beach model body hottie Anais Zanotti picked up a bikini straight out of 70's or 80's classic style vintage for a little fine female form peacocking, err, pea-henning, about the beach in South Florida.

That little purple number left little to the imagination, except for basically everything I'm imagining right now, including a tender game of juice the grape which I'm certain would earn me some happy feelings, at least before Anais twisted me into a pretzel and left me laying helpless in a sand dune. It would still be worth it as this statuesque thong-exhibiting French model remains on my bucket list. As in, things I'd love to do if I had a bucket full of money. Enjoy.