Ana Braga Works Bikini Hard for the Bikini Hottie Body

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bill-swift - April 29, 2014

You want hot bodied fame. Well, right here is where you start paying. Or ogling in the case of the rest of us.

Ana Braga and her killer curvaceous wonderments took to the workout part in Miami where the girls go to show a little bit of what they mostly do in the private gyms to get their bodies in rock soft yet hard shape to look perfect in thongs at the beach. The Brazilian blonde bombshell mixed in a little yoga, preening, stretching, resistance training, and a whole lot of toned body and booty show off to get to just the exact right amount of sweaty goodness.

My heart rate rose right into that intense calorie burning range. I think I lost six pounds and a couple ounces just watching Ana perfect her sweet hot body. I wish she'd workout in my gym. I mean, the twelve year old Bowflex in my basement missing the bows. We'd figure something else out I'm sure. Enjoy.

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