Ana Braga Sheer Leotard With Bunny Ears

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bill-swift - March 23, 2016

Ana Braga moved out from Miami to Los Angeles with the specific intent of taking as many nearly revealing photos as possible. That's a motive we can surely appreciate and applaud here in our penthouse offices down in the basement. What finer cause for a boobtastic blonde Brazilian bombshell than showing off and sharing. Sharing means caring. See-through and showing off means real benevolence. This is an act of kindness.

We're used to seeing Ana moseying on down to the beach in Miami to sun or yoga or just bend over a lot and splash in the water in her tiny little bikinis. These photoshoots are quite a different lot, though showing a lot more, so there's your silver lining to wrap around your... well, you know. Ana, keep up the good work. Quantity and quality is the way to earn your next merit badge. Taking off the outfits completely will get you the gold star. Just something to file away for future knowledge. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Splash

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