Ana Braga Has Dumps Like a Truck, Truck, Truck

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brian-mcgee - August 2, 2017

Leaving the house to fill up your gas tank can be a hassle, so sometimes you just need to do as Ana Braga would do and throw on a thong and a dress made out of lace doilies to hit the pump. I don't really even think that what she's wearing would qualify as a dress by any conventional measure, but who cares when it shows off as much flesh as it does?

A lot of people have written off Sisqo by now, but that prophet of the late 90s knew that thongs would never go out of fashion. Ana Braga bears that out by showing off most of her ass while bending over at the gas station and showing us that she's not only got dumps like a truck, truck, truck, but she also has thighs like what, what, what.

Word on the street is that Ana likes to dance at all the hip hop spots and also has no problem cruising to the crews like connect the dots. There's no denying that Ana is living la vida loca. Thanks Sisqo for all the sacrifices you made in the name of making such a prescient prediction.


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Photo Credit: Splash News