Ana Braga Making Trouble With Ridiculous Coffee Run Underboob

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brian-mcgee - October 15, 2018

If there has ever been such a thing as truth in advertising, I think Ana Braga has it figured out with her half shirt that reads "Trouble" just above the bottom half of her exposed breasts. God bless Ana Braga; Talk about a woman who lets you know exactly what's coming your way.

I don't think the shirt really needed the word "Trouble" scrawled across it to achieve Ana's desired result. I think the bottom half of her breasts absolutely makes the case that she's trouble. However, we have to consider what sort of trouble she is.

You see, there's good trouble and bad trouble. Bad trouble will ruin your life and ensure that you never do anything again without seriously second guessing yourself. That's the bad kind of trouble, and I don't think that's the sort Ana is broadcasting.

Methinks she traffics in the good kind of trouble. Fun trouble, you know? Is there such a thing for adults? Not usually. Fun trouble is almost exclusively the domain of the under 18 set, but when I see Ana Braga coming toward me with half of her breasts exposed, I immediately think, "Man, I'm in for some fun ass trouble this afternoon."

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA