Ana Braga Lingerie and Teddy Bear Naughy for Valentine’s Day

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bill-swift - February 10, 2016

Holy late for Valentine's Day, Batman. It's this Sunday and if you haven't got it all together, you've already failed. Forgot it, it's over. Fail fail fail... ah! Male neurosis at the most despicably contrived and hyped up day of the year to prove to your girl a whole bunch of feelings that apparently you didn't show the other 364 days of the year (365 this year in Leap). I don't get it. I never will. But I will not simply turn away from the Valentine's related sextastic visual wonderment magnificence such as Ana Braga hugging one super lucky teddy bear in and out of her Valentine's Day lingerie.

The important question to ask yourself this February 14th is, am I dating a super sweltering mammarial blessed blonde Brazilian bombshell who likes to get naughty with her stuffed animals. If the answer is yes, just hand her your checkbook and tell her to go get whatever she wants. Quick, simple, direct. Those blessed funbags need to feel loved on Valentine's Day. I'm just the guy to sell out his principles and do so. Enjoy.

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