Ana Braga Bikini Body to Remember Returns to the Beach

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bill-swift - September 3, 2014

I've come to take a strong liking to Ana Braga in her revealing bikinis. I'd like to think she looks upon me kindly as well. That might be wishful thinking on my part since she's rejected my last seventeen invitations for coffee. Maybe because I keep tagging with 'I percolate best in the bedroom'. You don't know until you try.

Ana and her unusually blond Brazilian bombshell body has become something of a preening fixture this past year in Miami. Every time I see her poking that thong clad booty skyward, I feel a smile coming on. At least, I shall refer to it as a smile when the police question me about the concerned parents seeing my reaction on the beach. There's nothing wrong with a healthy boner. It's really more personal than a Hallmark card and won't cost you $2.95. Ana, we must get together some time and do some bikini shopping. I'll wear my muzzle. Enjoy.