Ana Braga in A Bikini

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Lex Jurgen - July 29, 2016

This Brazilian chick with the bleached blond hair is either promoting soccer, the Olympics in Brazil, or how easy it is to take ambitious bikini models far away enough from the city that hounds won't sniff out her remains until next Spring. It's hard for a player out there.

The proliferation of semi-nude models has matched the same expansion of bloggers who love exclamation points and Bernie Sanders supporters who pen anti-Zionist hate comments on HuffPo. It's a cause and effect of the multitude of media channels available today. Everybody's famous for fifteen minutes assuming the definition of famous means five guys in the Lower Forty-Eight are jacking to you this week. Ninety-percent of the money is still going to the ten percent most popular. Everybody else is fighting for scraps, in thongs, out in the desert. Smiling at this point would seem disingenuous.

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