Ana Braga Asstastic Ripped and Funbag Blessed Skating Time

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bill-swift - April 21, 2017

Granted, Ana Braga is fairly shameless in her attention getting schemes. Further granted, I'm a wholehearted all-in sucker for each and every one of her blonde Brazilian visual enticement setups. They say for a con to work, the mark must be inherently greedy. Color me guilty when it comes to sextastic curvaceous women putting on an exhibition.

In her latest and great public display of asstastic and funbaggery, Ana took to the Pacific shoreline in skates and some extremely right ripped shorts. It's like you see in the movies depicting Los Angeles that makes you want to move there from somewhere cold and far away. Sadly, not every hot women is decked out this way here. Though enough that people still flock here. Ana, you're a walking, err, skating tourism board brochure. Honestly, there's no way they sell those shorts in a licensed shop. Please tell me you made them yourself? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: AKM/GSI Media