Ana Beatriz Barros and Bar Refaeli Lead List of Hotties at Cavalli Party in Cannes

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bill-swift - May 20, 2011

Honestly, the average ratio of guys to girls at my house parties is 8:1, it's like an enormous sausage fest where a bunch of dudes circle and edge ever closer to some girl in a back brace who can't run away. So, I gotta give it up to Roberto Cavalli, the world's only straight fashion designer. What a ruse to get the hot ladies onto your boat and at your parties. Dude has it going on. His party last night in Cannes to celebrate his new store opening featured a gaggle of the world's finest models, including the highly underrated Ana Beatriz Barros, who has three names, but a million points of hotness, followed not far behind by the likes of Bar Refaeli, Alessandra Ambrosio, skanky hot Victoria Silvstedt, and Ana Araujo, young Brazilian hottie model girlfriend of cradle-robbing Ronnie Wood.  So, am I jealous of Cavalli? Yes, yes, I am. Enjoy.

(Yes, you will note that Bar Refaeli and Victoria Silvstedt showed up to the Cavalli party wearing the same dress. Oh, fashion faux pas! Ladies, you may now titter.)