Amy Willerton Bikini Sextastic and Shiny for FHM

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bill-swift - July 11, 2014

They don't just hand out those Miss Universe Great Britain titles you know. You have to be pretty damn smoking hot. Amy Willerton certainly met that complicated standard when she represented her nation at the Miss Universe pageant. Now, she's representing enticing female forms in her bikini on the pages of FHM magazine. The photos might be a bit glossified, but they are quite reflective of Amy's inherent good looks and that killer body we've seen working out around London before.

Someday, I'd like to be able to utter the phrase, 'Oh, yeah, my girlfriend was in the Miss Universe pageant, thank you for asking'. I mean, utter it and it not be a total fabrication. Any country will do really. I'm so open to international romance. It makes it much easier to use my various fake names. Like Rogers Hammercock as I do when traveling in the Southeast of Asia. Though Amy Willerton would also do quite nicely. Just look at her bikini body. I'd never forget an anniversary, darling, not the first two at least. Call me on your silly English phone. I'll be waiting. Enjoy.

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