Among Those Not Banned From Entering the U.S., Gabrielle Caunesil

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Lex Jurgen - February 1, 2017

Ninety-nine percent of the people arguing on either side of the Seven Nation refugee and travel ban don't truly understand the new rules. Even the people enforcing the ban don't understand it, it's not conceivable that "Outraged Becca in Hermosa Beach" has it down pat. Either one million desperate widows and orphans are now going to be burned alive in squalid desert towns abroad, or about one hundred families won't be seeing Cousin Faruk on their ski trip this President's Day. Probably somewhere in the middle.

More importantly, you knew Trump was still going to let the good people in. Good meaning, they won't try to blow us up and their women are fuckable. Like the French. This chick, Gabrielle Caunesil, skated right on through Immigration and headed to the beach to show off her tits in a Miami Beach photo shoot. In a world where shared anecdotal evidence now stands in the place of peer reviewed research studies, I'd say the travel ban is working seamlessly.

Photo credit: Splash News