American Tourists Are Learning That Escorts Are Legal In The UK

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egotastic - April 10, 2019

American lawmakers recently moved to prevent consensual sex workers from earning a living by obstructing their rights with the passage of FOSTA and SESTA legislation, leaving many American travelers confused about the viability of hiring an escort in other parts of the world. For example, did you know that hiring a professional escort is legal in the United Kingdom and that many tourists on vacation or traveling through London for business enjoy time together with some of the most charismatic companions you will ever meet?

FOSTA is the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, and the corresponding Senate bill was named the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act or SESTA for short. Of course, they were each given abhorrent names because that’s what politicians often do when they can’t possibly justify the actual reasons they are sponsoring a particular piece of legislation.

Now many experts inside and outside the United States are harshly critiquing these changes to US law because of the impact they have on: free speech, digital commerce and the rights of sex workers in the United States. Many experts also agree that these laws make consensual sex work a more dangerous occupation because it reduces the amount of regulation and security professionals can expect from governmental agencies and criminalizes what would otherwise be a simple business transaction between two or more consenting adults.

Fortunately, the United Kingdom is taking a smarter more enlightened approach to and is actively creating a legal framework designed to protect people who prefer not to hire escorts, while also protecting the rights of consenting adults to enjoy sex as they each see fit. That approach is also proving to be popular on a global scale as more and more adults learn that Escorting Is Legal In The United Kingdom!

Adults who verify their age and consent are free to visit a brothel or to check out the online escort galleries on a site like to find beautiful, charming companions who are interested in a mutually beneficial short term relationship with you right now. Every arrangement starts with verifying the age of the companion and the client. Great effort is made to ensure all arrangements are mutually consensual and all governmental requirements of the UK are always followed.

That means than now, just because you live in the United States, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to live in the dark ages. There are countries taking a much more open and enlightened approach to properly regulating the health and safety of citizens engaged in sexual activities without reducing their freedom to pursue happiness. Perhaps when enough Americans plan a visit to the UK, that’s all it will take to convince politicians to restore your rights within the States as well. Until then always consult your own local legal council before making any arrangements, but do so with confidence because the rest of the world isn’t holding back your next fantasy session the way your local politicians may be. Do your part by checking out Babylon Girls UK Escort Gallery today!