Amber Rose Spandex Booty Show in Public

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bill-swift - February 25, 2016

It certainly would be interesting to find out where exactly Amber Rose shops for form fitting clothing. Outside of a Kardashian store, she can't possibly be the standard size. That booty on her is not off the rack. And Spandex is fairly unforgiving in terms of slack. So let's just assume she has a team of oompa loompas weaving her workout garments, like this body clinging number she wore out in the street.

Amber Rose is many things. The good, the bad, the mildly disturbing. But one thing she isn't is out of shape. Nay, the controversial bleached blonde buzz cut model and social media dabbler is constantly working out, even if her curvaceous nature at times belies her actually aerobic conditioning. I myself happen to lust a strong woman. Not necessarily bench pressing more than me at the gym, because that's embarrassing, not her, me and my single plate grunting. But a toned and fit woman to make sure I pick up my socks, with threats of sexual submission if not. Oops, there go my socks again. Please don't hurt me, I mean, not too too much. Enjoy.

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