Amber Rose Plunging Tatas At Ace Of Diamonds Strip Club

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michael-garcia - October 25, 2016

Buxon blond Amber Rose wore a plunging neckline shirt while going to the Ace of Diamons strip club. Guys dress like slobs a lot of the time when they go to strip clubs, but women always dress sexy. Have you noticed that? They would never wear yoga pants and an old t-shirt to the strip club no matter how sleazy. Of course you would expect Amber Rose to show off thos famous jugs because it's kind of what she does. Then again if I were 1) a woman and 2) had knockers of that magnitude, I would show them off as well. Amber has some of the best jubblies in the buisness. What business? The business of having giant ta-tas and banging famous people. That is what made her famous, after all. No judgement, just the facts.

We see a lot of Amber come across our desk here at Ego and I for one am all about it. I respect her message of being proud of who you are and all that and embracing your sexuality. Go on girl. 



Photo Credit: Splash

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