Amber Rose and Future Katy Perry Spotted Outside N.Y.C. Hotel

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bill-swift - April 6, 2012

Sometimes, you just need a shoulder to cry on. Or, a gal pal to bitch with.

Amber Rose might be needing a little comfort upon learning this week that Kim Kardashian, the man-stealing trollop she fingered for breaking up her relationship with Kanye West, is now, in fact, dating Kanye West. Go figure. A woman's intuition is very powerful. A bald woman's intuition, forget about it. Off the charts.

As for Future Katy Perry, well, it's been a solid decade since her last album which even her young girl fans figured out was exactly the same songs as her previous albums, and two more devoutly failed marriages after Russell Brand, and, let's just say, she sought serious counseling in the office of Dr. Haagen-Dazs. Future Katy Perry, please do not show us your boobs.