Amber Heard Poses For GQ Australia

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earl-jonas - November 16, 2017

Don't you know about the Heard, well everybody knows that the Heard is the word. We write about a wide range of celebrities on here that we find in a wide range of undress, and we always pepper in doting adjectives to give each lovely lady the recognition she deserves. My point is that now that I'm faced with a truly, actually sextastic spread from the incomparably gorgeous Amber Heard, I find myself at a loss for words that will convey the true bodyliciousness, the tight-tasticness, the overall bangableness of the sassiest starlet around as she poses for GQ Australia.

Heard is all kinds of seductive while showing off her legs up to here, stomach that's so toned it's a little scary, perky peaks, and stunning face. Next time I write about some Z-list Instagram model wearing a burlap sack I'm going to have to force myself to just use the word "neat" so I'll be able to save up the good stuff for a moment like this one, right here. Head to the gallery for all the Amberlicious goodness you can handle. 


Photo Credit: GQ

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