Amber Heard Cadillac-ing on the Red Carpet

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brian-mcgee - January 9, 2018

Have you guys Heard about Amber? I'll bet you have. She has a way of working her way back into the headlines just about any time you begin to forget about her. It's nice to get those little hotness reminders every now and again, because I feel that every so often she just seems to drop out of sight. Is it to reinvent herself constantly? Maybe, you never can tell.

Amber Heard is one of the few people on this planet that's privy to the Johnny Depp lurking beneath the hats and scarves and bangles and baubles. I wonder if she's ever really seen him naked. I can't imagine he takes off ALL of those bracelets to get in the shower. So many questions, though I suppose he's probably her least favorite subject at the moment.

So Amber Heard—who's now with Elon Musk, I believe—is just gonna keep on keepin' on. Though I do wonder why she's at some event co-sponsored by a rival car company. Is she romancing John J. Cadillac on the orders of Elon? Is a merger eminent? So many additional, non-Johnny Depp related questions, so little time!

Photo Credit: Splash News

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