Amber Heard Blabbing

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jhanson - July 21, 2016

Amber Heard and her lawyers are reportedly leaking details of her and Johnny Depp's impending divorce settlement. Next time you feel the need to waffle about the gender pay gap, calculate the amount of money dudes are paying to their whore ex-wives. They don't have any children. His name is almost certainly on the deed to the house. Walk away and move on. Everyone likes free shit though.

People like Heard are willing to resort to fake abuse claims in order to get it. This is a controversial theory but Depp should probably have her killed. That may seem like it's going to far but when you lie under oath and slander someone you should probably get what's coming to you. The problem is a general lack of serviceable hitmen. People in that line of work are usually volatile and minimum, completely psychotic on the other end. They'll talk. The saving grace is that Johnny Depp can afford the top of the line talent. Depp is refusing to release his financial records to Heard until she ceases leaking things to the press. Just Photoshop some shit. She lied, why can't you? Unclear who will get the bracelets and scarves. 

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