Amber Heard: Maxim-um Hotness

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bill-swift - July 21, 2008

You might not have heard of Amber Heard (Haha! Get it!?) but you will be hearing and seeing a lot more of her. Pegged as the "rising star" in Hollywood Amber appears in the new stoner comedy Pineapple Express, and more importantly, Amber appears in a very sexy bikini in the August issue of Maxim magazine, and shows off just why it is that you will be hearing a lot more about her.

Of course, these days, it seems like unless you're doing Crack, making sex tapes, or flashing your boobs, you can't actually make a name for yourself, so only time will tell if Amber will rise to the heights of a Lindsay, or Paris. But if an Amber Heard sex tape is what it takes to put this girl over the top, I think I speak for everyone (yes, everyone), when I say that's something we're ready for.