Amazon Throws Their Hat into the Original Programming Ring with a ‘Zombieland’ TV Show

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bill-swift - January 22, 2013

It was announced last week that Zombieland was making the leap from big screen to small one with an original series based on the 2009 Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone zombie-comedy (or zom-com, if you want to be an annoying A-hole about it). The television adaptation would follow the four main characters from the movie on their on-going adventures in the world after the zombie apocalypse kills off most of the Earth's population and re-animates them as the walking dead. If you think it sounds exactly like The Walking Dead but with more laughs and less time spent to searching for Sophia, you're probably right.

The strange news about the show is that it will not be featured on any regular network or cable channel but on through their Amazon Prime streaming service. Clearly trying to fight their way into Netflix's business (Netflix already has original programming and is ramping that up this year with Arrested Development and House of Cards). In its current form, he service doesn't work on all devices and isn't available in all countries, so Amazon will either have to update their own programming or you may just be stuck watching the show on your desktop in an uncomfortable desk chair than having the capability of going portable with it. But if Amazon really is taking this toe-dipping into original programming seriously, I'm sure they're already working on a way to broaden their streaming services horizons.

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