Amanda Seyfried Weird and Hot and Wonderful in Vogue

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bill-swift - January 21, 2017

You know it took me several years of intensive therapy with my shrink, the eminent Dr. Schweizer-Frong, until I could overcome the anxiety I felt every time one of my most sextastic celebrities became pregnant. First, obviously, the thought that I was not the one chosen to produce offspring with one of these extremely alluring famous women. And second, that their hotness might be lost in the transitional period to motherhood. I'm all better now. The pills help. Actually, they're Skittles. Dr. Schweizer-Frong doesn't know I know that.

Amanda Seyfried is with child with some lucky bastard who got to be fruitful and multiple with her passion inducing Nordic princess goodness, but we get one last chance to see Amanda pre-preggo in her currently running spread in the new edition of Vogue Australia. A bit artsy and weird for our simple tastes, but the hot bodily goodness of this petite delight is clearly on display in her gams and boobtastic. When will these come back to full power? I don't know. I might need more Skittles while I'm waiting. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Vogue Australia