Amanda Seyfried Mom Cleavage During the 74th Venice Film Festival

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aldo-vallon - September 1, 2017

 To show how ignorant I am of today's current events I will admit that I did not even know that Amanda Seyfried was a mother. Looking at her boobs now I would not have guessed it either because in my opinion her mammary glands have always been fit to feed a child. If she wanted to she could probably dual wield a baby on each nip like she is the female lead in an old action flick. Under what circumstances she would ever have the need to dual breast feed babies, I have not a clue. But for some reason, I feel good knowing she has the capabilities. Kind of like when I had a car with four wheel drive. I have never had a need to take my car off-roading, but I still like knowing that I could if I were to feel so inclined. And in the unlikely event that Amanda's second batch of babies are twins, she will be prepared to provide for them with more than just her Mean Girls money. I think she should be encouraged to have more too, the future could use more Seyfried spawn.     


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News