Amanda Gullickson Sweet Hot and Showing Off Her Beauty

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bill-swift - July 15, 2015

Sometimes you just need a hot Carolina girl in your bedroom. Well, sometimes you have to imagine her into that happy space, but you could start with the outrageously hot Amanda Gullickson in this simple but simply alluring bit of cleavy reveals for Carissa Lancaster.

I try not to fall in lust so quickly these days, try and inevitably fail, but I could really see myself going heels over head for a sweet low country girl with her short shorts down low and her t-shirt pulled up high and everything in betwixt working ever so perfectly. Bear with me as I continue this Egotastic journey through the ranks of the naturally hot burgeoning models, the stars of tomorrow, they rise so quickly, and like any proud prurient, I want to make sure I capture the moments we first met. Pull up a couch and linger awhile, Amanda. I just put the pork butt in the smoker. It's gonna be about eighteen hours until dinner. Hmm, how shall we pass the time? No, I don't have any board games. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Carissa Lancaster