Amanda Cerny, Jessa Hinton, and Shelby Chesnes Drop Some Playmate Hot Bodies for Guitar World

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bill-swift - December 25, 2013

Guitar World magazine figured why not wrap up their end of the year edition with three ridiculously hot girls holding guitars. And that's an excellent question. Everything is better with Playmates, like Amanda Cerny, Jessa Hinton, and Shelby Chesnes who remind me through their smoking sextastic bodies why I desperately took guitar lessons at age twelve to be a future rock and roll star. My inability to ever play a chord hindered my rock and roll stardom, and, alas, I'm realizing only now, my chance at Playmate sex.

Still, dare to dream young man. If you learn to handle the axe and get yourself into a happening band, you will be drowning in fine female forms. It's the first rule of nature really. And unless you were born to be an athlete, I'd choose the guitar. Now, go forth and rip it. Enjoy.