Amanda Bynes Bikini Pictures Yellow Bits of Unexpected Poolside Bliss

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bill-swift - April 8, 2014

When you're camped out in the palm trees overlooking the Cabo resort, you never know exactly which sextastic celebrity you're going to find swinging by the pool in her bikini for a little dip. We certainly never expected to set peeps upon Amanda Bynes in a little yellow bikini. Amanda obviously has been out of the public eye for some time now, after being dramatically in the public eye for all the wrong reasons for a solid year or two long stretch of troubled times.

I would never dare to say how another person is feeling, but I do always dare to say how she's looking and Amanda certainly seems on the road to recovery. Not quite the Pilates yokes bodies we often see these days along the pools and beaches, but considering what she's been through, Amanda is looking might shades of the girl we used to lust so pleasantly in simpler times. Hopefully, she can stay on the straight and keep the bikini body on the curvy and perfectly soft. I'm so happy for this first step back. Feeling good is looking good in front of others. At least, I'd like the really good looking women to believe so. Enjoy.

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