Alyssa Milano Turns 40; We Still Get Milano Chills Thinking About Her Through the Years

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bill-swift - December 20, 2012

There were many great champions of early Internet adoption, many technical pioneers for web development and promotion during the early 1990's especially, but, let's be honest, the dial-up became less of a pain in the ass when sextastic celebrities started showing up on the other end of all those models clicks and shrill whistles. And one of those early Internet faces (and bodies, and nekkid bodies at one point, though some faked) was childhood actress turned young Hollywood ingenue, Alyssa Milano.

Hard to believe, but the rambunctious girl from Who's the Boss, and later on the chesty stunner in Charmed, turns 40 years old today and we decided a tribute was in order. No, not that kind of tribute you sick effer, but a look at Alyssa through the years, some of our favorite pictures, from teen publicity machine to current day still hotness. Reflect and enjoy.