Aly Michalka Hot Body Bra Workout Is Killing Me (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 22, 2010

Aly Michalka is going to send me to my grave. You know, I'll be smiling and all, so it's not all downside. Her boobs and tight body featured in the amazing Hellcats cheerleader show is raising my blood pressure to the point of popping. I know I'm in lust. I may just be in danger. These Aly Michalka bra and workout pictures and video clip from the television series is but a sampling of the hotness that pervades this all-too-silly show, that I am enjoying with the sound off and my eyes just a foot from the screen, making Aly Michalka appear to be 20-feet tall, just as in my night time dreams. Enjoy.