Aly Raisman Wicked Strong and Revealing Behind the Scenes of Her SI Shoot

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bill-swift - February 17, 2017

Seeing Aly Raisman all shiny muscular and half-naked petite behind the scenes of her sweltering hot Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot, two things come to mind. First, BTS shots are so much hotter than published magazine photos, if for o other reason than they are untouched by retouchers. This is the naturally hot look at the Olympic gold medalist in all her flexibility glory. Second, women's gymnastics would be that much more popular if we modified the official uniforms to look more like the revealing numbers Aly sported for this show-off photoshoot.

Not every man is into strong and toned and muscular women. While Aly isn't a giant by any means, she's certainly featuring some rather large muscle groups with some superior standard definition. We know she can stand on her hands. She can walk on her hands. Probably do flips from her hands. What else can she do on her hands? Let your imagination run wild. Do you see where this leads? Yes, I know, very happy places. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit