Aly Michalka Tall and Busty and Hellcattish All Over

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bill-swift - October 14, 2010

Have you yet to take the plunge into the Aly Michalka lust-filled waters? This tall blonde goddess is beginning to invade my hot celebrity thoughts. This goes beyond just my weekly masochistic ritual of binding my appendages whilst watching the cheerleading sexctacular, Hellcats; this tall, firm boobtastic Michalka body is now showing up at special events and movie premieres, like here for the Bruce Willis flick, Red, looking all kind of sexy and noteworthy hot. How can I not imagine this sexy amazon lifting me over the threshold of our Polynesian vacation hut and initiating me in the ways of the Michalka? Enjoy.

Photos from the Red premiere:

Photo credit: Fame

Not convinced yet? Check out this brief clip from a recent episode of my super favorite, Hellcats, with sexy Aly Michalka in panties and a half-shirt.