Aly Michalka Boob-Shines in Zooey Magazine

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bill-swift - March 9, 2011

There are two things about Hellcat Aly Michalka that I just lust. No, I'm not going to say her boobs. But, yes, that is the correct answer. This tall athletic minx has got me checking out the likes of Zooey magazine just for a glance at her upper body fantastics. That is not to say she isn't pleasantly perfectly from head to toe, but there's something about those Michalka melons that just makes me want to handcraft a vessel out of bamboo and thatch and sail it around the world while penning dirty letters to Aly that she'll only find years after my non-seaworthy craft appears washed up on the shores of Peru. Oh, how she'll weep then. And her mighty bosom will shake to and fro. And, only then, will my master plan have come to fruition. Enjoy.