Alright, Who Ordered the Charlotte Church Cleavage?

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bill-swift - July 4, 2012

I remember back to a simple, kinder, leaner time, when young operatic singing sensation Charlotte Church wore a bikini proudly in the burgeoning days of Egotastic! Well, that was a few thousand bangers and mash plates ago, as the now 26 year old diva has put on a few stones, though it has helped her cleavage grow, flashing as it was during her concert performance of the weekend.

Count me in the category of men who love big unfurled fluffy pillows, and even a solid bit of the ole cushion-for-the-pushing, though Charlotte might be pushing that cushion into larger gal land. Still, we would not be hearty men of ale drinking standards if we didn't ogle us a meaty wench from time to time. So, today, we look down Charlotte's top, just because we can't not. Enjoy.