All The Paparazzi Can’t Get Enough Shots Of This Red Hot Miami Thong Girl

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aldo-vallon - November 29, 2018

That bicycle had better not be a rental. I say that for her sake. When I rented a bike to ride at the beach and returned it while wearing my thong it made the owner livid. It was a while ago, so it is hard for me to remember what he said, but it was something about there not being enough bleach available in the world to clean the seat.

I can think of no reason why the reaction of the owner would be any different in regards to this girl. It’s not like man butt is that different from woman butt, aside from the hair, overall cleanliness, and guttural reaction most people have when seeing one of them. But other than that, they are not so different.

I do not know where thong girl was headed on her bike, but it must not have been very important since she was willing to stop and question the photographers about why they were taking pictures of her butt. Like, it’s just a butt in Miami. They aren’t even rare down there. Had she been biking in Minneapolis it would have been a different story.



Photo Credit: Splash News