All the Dogs From the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest 2018

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brian-mcgee - June 25, 2018

In these politically divisive times, it's nice to come across a story featuring nature's great equalizers: dogs. While I myself am not a dog person, I love dogs. Everyone loves dogs. Even ugly dogs, which were honored at this past week's World's Ugliest Dog Contest, where the winner was a nine-year old English bulldog with a gigantic tongue named Zsa Zsa.

Dogs are so lovable that when we see an ugly dog, it becomes almost immediately endearing. Everyone loves a cute puppy, but there's something so vulnerable and needy about ugly dogs, they just make you want to weep and cuddle them.

But beware, some of these ugly sons (and daughters) of bitches are really nasty looking. I know the competition is to find the world's ugliest dog, but my god, how did they decide? There are so many different kinds of ugly dogs, I wouldn't even know what criteria to use when formulating an opinion of them.

So take a break from all the political noise and stresses of the day, and give your heart over to these ugly dogs. They're among the best, sweetest, and yes, ugliest things you'll see all day. But they're all completely and totally lovable. I dare you not to be moved by these beautifully ugly dogs.

Photo Credit: Splash News