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Lizzy Caplan, Betsy Brandt And Sarah Silverman Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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It’s time for all things skinematic, hot topless celebrities on film, working their dramatic arts without their clothes on, in short, it’s time for the Mr. Skin Minute. If we were an honest society, we’d show this in our elementary school classrooms instead of those common core tutorials. I know, I’m right.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Kristen Wiig not full frontal nekkid in anything ever before, but about to be so in Welcome to Me out in theaters now, Lizzy Caplan and Betsy Brandt and Sarah Silverman baring their tops in the second season of Masters of Sex now out on Blu-Ray and DVD, and Carice Van Houten in the best topless scene for far in Season 5 of Game of Thrones on HBO. It’s funbags on your favorite ladies. That’s better than ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Both at the same time though would be amazing. Enjoy.

Do not, I repeat, do not miss out on a Mr. Skin discounted membership of your own for admission into a year round, everyday kind of happy skin filled palace. It’s the best deal going on the Interweb. I’m not just a pimper, I’m a member myself.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin Minute

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Melissa Reeves Bare Booty and Nip Slip During A Frisky Night Out in England

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As always, with every horrid MTV show there comes the upside of some number of hot female cast members who inevitably get wasted and flash their body parts in public. It is kind of a theme at this point. Ex on the Beach is an MTV UK TV show too inane to actually merit being explained with the written word, but it has produced a bounty of boobtastic alums now infamously famous including Melissa Reeves whose blonde bombshell frame has taking England by storm. And, naturally, Melissa isn’t afraid to show off a bit, or a lot, in public.

London town might not have been completely prepared for Melissa tipsy and flashing her bare asstastic and some righteous slips of her nipples that would be not rightfully called a wardrobe malfunction so much as a blitzed baring of the funbags. Either way, she seems like a fun girl to spend an evening with. My hat is off to you, Melissa. Everything else comes off after a couple more drinks like yourself. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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READER FINDS: Emily Ratajkowski Nekkid, Madonna Topless Negatives, Eliza Cummings Topless, and Much Much More…

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I think of Reader Finds as the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight only less hype, more goods, and instead of a hundred bucks it’s free. So, in short, better in every possible way. To confirm, you do not have to witness Jamie Foxx singing before Reader Finds. I know. I’m grateful too.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Miley Cyrus crying drunk lesbionic makeout photo (thanks to EgoReader ‘Jay’), my new favorite starlet Becky G. stellar hot (oh, G money, kudos to ‘Amanda’), GOT’s Carice Van Houten preggo and nekkid in a Dutch film (mmmm, Dutch indeed via ‘Steve’), Cato Van Ee topless in Marie Claire Spain (sent over by the lovable ‘anon’), B movie fave Courtney Palm topless for the fishies (brunette boobtastic courtesy of ‘Ian E.’), Delia Shepherd topless Funions on the silver screen (luscious blonde bits via ‘Homey’), Eliza Cummings topless perfection (from the mind of ‘David M.’), Emily Ratajkowski, unconfirmed nekkid social media post up then gone (I tend to believe the power of ‘JJ’), Jenny Lin busty Asian racktastic (ah, the Busty Asian Girls do arouse, thanks ‘James P.’), Karen Young throwback twin bills of twin peaks (thespianic ta-ta’s delivered by ‘David C.’), Keira Knightley topless and spanked (fantastical views via ‘Garber’), contact photo sheets of Madonna topless shot for her Sex book (material girl unclad shot putted in by ‘Dewey’), Mary Louise Parker topless roundup from the kind bud show (MLP boobtastic stacked up by ‘Henry L.’), a double header of early 80′s action-ta-ta star Sandahl Bergman (they don’t make ‘em like they used to, thanks ‘Evan’), more throwback funbags of Stacy Haiduk (wowzers perfection spotted by ‘Owen’), Valerie Kaprisky topless because the 80′s were epic (au natural natties provided by ‘Stephen A.’), and last, but not least, Veronica Paul topless and not super happy in the tub (more luscious lady humps via ‘Tyler’). Man, this is a long list of fine female forms undressed. Only take on this funbag challenge if you’re strong of heart and clear of purpose. Also, if you like nekkid hot girls. Enjoy.

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Rosie Jones and Rhian Sugden Topless Headlights Highlight the Week in Page 3

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I became totally absorbed in the elections in England until I realized they were about boring politics and not the most alluring and bodacious Page 3 model. So, 99% less exciting. For me, the selections that count are your choices of your favorite delicious delights of the Britty glamour model persuasion. I perused Page 3 this week and found some of my true funbag favorites all topless bare and ready to go.

Rhian Sugden, Rosie Jones, Lissy Cunningham, Kelly Hall, and Lacey Banghard providing a ten fold bit of ta-ta magic for your soothing pleasure. Yes, epic melons can soothe what ails you, create peace in our time, and ultimately probably fuel our economies and speed boats. But, first, you have to believe. I believe. I believe. Oh, sextastic stacked Santa’s helpers. I believe. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3
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Eva Gii Strips Out Of Her Swimsuit to Reveal One Stellar Body

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Model Eva G is not messing around. She’s in her swimsuit and just as quickly out of her swimsuit, because when you’re on the roof of a building, the last thing you want to be is overdressed.

When I first saw the booty on this New York model, my first thought was, is this heaven. Then she turned around and I got my answer. It’s even better than I expected. As is this blonde fashion and glamour model strutting in a top down swimsuit across the roof of the urban landscape. I just want to pull her aside and lecture her on the important of a good sunscreen while offering up my services as an emollient caresser. I did in fact go to school for that. In Tijuana, late one night. My hands are registered. Eva, let me help you keep those precious peaches as white as the moon. All the better to find you by in the evenings. So hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: P Magazine

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Glendalis Moran Topless in Black And White and Nipple Piercings All Over, Well, All Over Her Nipples

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Exotic hot beauty with nipples pierced, I could write an endless number of sonnets in your honor. I mean, once I figure out what a sonnet is. Would you settle for perhaps a slightly naughty limerick? That’s more my area of expertise.

Sultry beauty Glendalis Moran posed quite alluring and topless for Yume magazine to remind us that the sextastic and its primordial pull comes in all shapes and size and looks and colors and piercing types. Glendalis certainly works a serious amount of feminine appeal in these simply, yet simply hot set of photos. I’m not sure what comes next for Glendalis, but I certainly hope part of it involves turning up the lights. She has one stellar looking body. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dorian Clive For Yume Magazine

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Cassie Ventura Topless In New Sean Jean Scent Commercial

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If you’re going to sell some stank, go all in. Get your hot girlfriend Cassie Ventura quite topless as the ingenue in your aromatic ode to cologne that men wear when they want to feel like Sean Combs. I’m not exactly sure when that is, but according to the product name, it’s 3AM. I’m usually just watching Hogan’s Heroes on TV Land, so I’m not sure why I need the scent of musk and sour orange, but, to each their own.

What I clearly could use at three in the morning is a topless Cassie Ventura looking all pouty and forlorn in my place as some kind of passionate foreplay to getting it on to the sounds of Marvin Gaye. The smell of Febreeze ought to be enough to get us in the mood. But I suppose if I need to drop $60 on some odoriferous H20, I’m down with that as well. Cassie, if you were topless in my place, I’d never ask any questions. Promise. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Sean Jean “3AM”

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