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Kerrie McMahon Nip Slip For A Happy St. Patricks Day!

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Today is St. Patrick’s Day and Kerrie McMahon showed off her Irish pride in a cut-off shamrock shirt. But because St. Patty wants us to really enjoy this day, Kerrie had a bit of a nip slip. Those pink Celtic nips look incredible. A pair of boobies like that is more rare than a four leaf clover. People claim to be Irish when they really aren’t. But Kerrie is the real deal and shows how magical a hot Irish girl can be. These pale beauties drive a man crazy. Maybe it’s all the potatoes and whiskey that makes them so hot. I’m not sure. What I do know is that most of the stumbling drunks on the streets of New York and Boston today are not as sexy as Kerrie.

Oh, Saint Pat, thanks again for making her shirt creep up. You are the most awesome of saints.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Kate Moss Shows Off Painted Nipples

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Kate Moss shows off her perky painted nipples for an arty shoot for W Magazine. The legendary professional hot person looked weird but sexy. I do appreciate a good arty shoot, especially if there are nekkid boobies involved. I’ve been a fan of Kate Moss since back in the day when she was first supermodeling when I was in high school. Back then, I would wait for bated breath for her to show her perkies in the Victoria’s Secret catalog. It was a dark time before the Internet, my friends. But we appreciated the sexy pics we did get. I know that makes me sound old but we appreciated our spank materials more than kids do today.

I would have cut off my pinky toe for a site like Ego back in the day. God bless the progress of technology.

Photo Credit: Paolo Roversi For W Magazine

Coco Baudelle Bare Booty And Topless In East Village

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Coco Baudelle was nekkid in the East Village and no one called me to come down. You can see from the pics why I am a little upset. I could of helped focus a light or gotten coffee for the crew. Then I would have gotten to behold Coco’s bare funbags in person. Coco has a pretty sick rack. I for one would like very much to see more of them in the coming months. She’s also got a phenomenal pair of legs. Look at the pic where she’s got on knee socks. That reminds me of all the hot girls I was in love with in Catholic school. But her most amazing feature is her perfect booty. It is the Platonic form of buttdom that all other booties aspire to be like.

Next time Coco is nekkid in my city I want someone to friggin’ call me.

Photo Credit: Kristin Gallegos For Purple Diary

Lada Kravchenko In Lingerie And Topless For Zink Magazine

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Buxom Russian beauty Lada Kravchenko was looking boobtacular in the pages of Zink Magazine. She starts off wearing a tasty bondage inspired bit of lingerie. Is there a piece of clothing sexier than a garter belt and stockings? I think not. Her legs are incredible. I would like to run my hands up those bad boys to the palace of Earthly delights. But then she takes her top off and the party really gets started. Lada has a pretty unbelievable rack and the fact that we get to look at it nekkid just goes to show that there is a God and he loves us. I don’t know who she’s waiting for in that hotel room or whatever but they are one lucky SOB, my friends.

Russian women are so hot. I mean, I’m generalizing but I live in a neighborhood in New York that’s adjacent to a Russian hood and I can tell you that they make great vodka and hot women.

Photo Credit: Vincent Binant For Zink Magazine

Charlie Riina Nekkid and an 80-Percent Off St. Patrick’s Day Deal from PlayboyTV!

Charlie Riina Strips Out Of Pink Lingerie Playboy
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I’m not sure precisely what constitutes the luck of the Irish, but I’d say my freshly belusted Charlie Riina quite fully topless and full frontal nekkid in Playboy, plus a crazy St. Patrick’s Day offer of 80% of Playboy.TV sounds pretty darn fortunate. Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow type thing. You caught the leprechaun.

I’ve falling madly in lust with model Charlie Riina with her new found beach bikini photo sessions. But, lest we forget, the natural state of beauty is in the entirely unclothed state. Which is why Charlie’s desperately alluring body absolutely needed to be featured in Playboy. As you ought get yourself this St. Patrick’s Day PlayboyTV 80% Off Special. Just $5.83 a month for, oh, ten zillion hours of pure hot girls unclothed entertainment. This is your four leaf clover. Jump on it before the cabbage becomes pricier once more. I’m out of Irish things. Enjoy.

Jessica Davies Topless Bar Striptease, Because You Deserve It

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Sometimes you just need the love of a good topless woman. Or at least the visual wonderments therein. That sometimes may be all the time, depending on your particular appetites, but never be ashamed of your feelings, I mean, most of them, some of them it’s probably good that you keep them hush hush. Becoming an adult means knowing the difference as to what needs to be stored in the shame closet. My own overfloweth. I think I need more yaffa blocks.

Jessica Davies more than delivers when it comes time to stare deep into the faptastic funbag zone and come out with nothing but smiles. The spectacularly hot glamour model stripping down in your basic bar setup more than does the trick and the treat. That body on her needs to be studied, mimicked, and distributed widely. I wouldn’t mind being the spokesman, provided I got to work behind the curtains as well. Just such a lovely lass with the allure of a goddess. See, no shame, just fun. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jessica Davies

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Elizabeth Hurley In Lingerie and Sasha Alexander Topless in Shameless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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If you happen to be a fan of Sasha Alexander from Rizzoli and Isles on TNT, then prepare to become an even bigger fan of the Forties and Faptastic veteran actress showing off her festive funbags in Shameless this past week. Joined by Shani Atias, the Showtime comedy does not let down the Boob Tube Roundup in terms of stellar sweet melon reveals.

While made for safe TV, the show The Royals finally premiered on E! and brought along a few noteworthy lingerie looks, including Elizabeth Hurley who on the cusp of fifty still creates the happy feelings when stripped down to her underthings. She remains quite a thing. As for the show, well, it’s E!, they do what they can I suppose. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Shameless” Showtime/”The Royals” E!

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