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Ashley Benson Topless Bikini Candids! Pretty Little Funbags Not So Little in Hawaii


What Spring Breakers couldn't quite deliver, well, all good things come to those who sit and wait, with a big screen TV and some homemade jerky, naturally. The righteously sextastic Ashley Benson topless and bikini top unfurled in all her wicked hot glory. It's moments like these when getting up before noon each day truly seems worthwhile.

We saw Ashley and her Pretty Little Liars co-star Shay Mitchell strutting about the 50th state in their bikinis on holiday. Apparently Ashley decided to go for a little au natural sun tanning of her stellar boobtastic and was caught by a man with a camera who deserves one of those medals important people pass out. Or at least whatever he charge me for these photos. Oh, my, just look at those funions.

Ashley Benson has been on my list of Hollywood hotties I've been dying to see topless. Consider that BIll's bucket list. Today I happily check off Ashley Benson. I think I hear the angels sing. Enjoy.

Emily DiDonato Topless Treats Wicked Hot in Lui Magazine


The best gifts really are the ones dropped right in your lap completely unexpected. Oh, to have wicked New York Italian hottie Emily DiDonato dropped into my lap. She really is an unexpected delight with a body built to make men suffer. But the good kind of suffering. The kind where you feel obliged to leave a healthy tip.

Emily is featured this month in the ever sweet Lui magazine, France's top hot celebrity model nekkid magazine. Really a hidden gem of a periodical. And boy have they nailed this month with Emily all hot and bothered and bare boobtastic flashing her stellar moist body. You know I get a little weepy when I see such lust inducing wonderments. I'm man enough to admit I'm currently sobbing like a baby. It feels good to share. Enjoy.

Shay Laren Topless Epic Bubble Bath Ta-Ta’s Will Leave You Feeling Handsy


As impolite as it may be to walk in on a woman taking a bath, I'd like to think the amazingly hot bodied Shay Laren is kind of okay with us peeking on her sudsy ta-ta playtime. She does seem to have the look of a woman who knows she's being watched. Trust me, I know that look. It's often a predicate to me being chased through a yard by security officers. Shay on the other hand has that come hither and play with my tremendous funbags kins of glance that makes me feel far more invited.

The hot girl with big jugs in a bubble bath cliche is only a cliche because it works ever so well. I'm digging through my soft organic sponge collection right now to find the one that I think will please Mistress Laren the most. I expect she is rather particular in this regard. I'm rather particular in my service. We could be a very strong match. What a woman! Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out for a bounty of boobtastic Shay Laren visuals.)

Humpday Huzzah! Alice Goodwin Topless Made Simply Hot in Zoo Magazine


To know Alice Goodwin is to know love. Well, to know the love of some faptastic funbags on a raven haired Brit beauty. I'm not really sure how you even describe love beyond that. It's my definition at least.

Appearing quite simply, frontally, and boobtastically bare in Zoo magazine, Alice and her hefty chest puppies prove that you don't need lots of staging and styling, let alone wardrobe, to make a lasting artistic impression on your eyeballing audience. No need for profound metaphors here, just outstanding yams. I feel like a kid in a toy store except that's not model airplanes capturing my attention. Alice, you are ever so passion inducing. Huzzah!

Amy Hood Kinky Nekkid in Black and White for Purple (NSFW at all)


I'm a big fan of photographer Jonathan Leder. He likes the hot girls in the naughty poses. We've seen much of his work on here before. Now team him up with fetish and oft-bondage model hottie Amy Hood and you have the makings of a quite wonderful pictorial for Purple magazine.

I happen to love naughty girls. Even the appearance of naughty makes me tingly. Naughty and hot, well, that's a whole different level. That's like setting phasers to kill. Stun you walk away from. Kill, well, it's all over. Star Trek nerds understand how I feel checking out Amy Hood in these photos. We're all brothers underneath our different color space unis. Enjoy.

Mei Yuki Topless in a Hotel Room for a Ta-Ta Tuesday Japanese Edition


Oh, how I do love my Easter explorations into the sextastic. So many fine women, so little time to share them all. But Japanese glamour model Mei Yuki most definitely deserves sharing. I can't imagine she wouldn't be on my office wall calendar if we had an Egotastic! Tokyo office, which we completely should so I can start writing off my geisha house visits abroad off on my taxes. Mei Yuki is seductive as she is ridiculously hot and boobtastic as she strips out of her little bits of lingerie. I'm left a little verklempt.

On Tuesdays we like to celebrate the bosoms that inspire us to be better men, or at least pretend to be better men. Fighting nature really is an impossible task, you merely need to fool it. Mei Yuki has a precious pair of Asian melons I'd surely love to sample in the summer. Where there's a will, there's likely a restraining order. That's been my experience. Though I try not to let it get me down. Enjoy.

Elisabetta Canalis Topless Bikini Changing on an Italian Yacht


Well, well, well, what do we have here. My middle school science teacher used to say that before he cuffed me hard across the head. Now I used it to explain the pangs of eyeball pleasure at the sight of Italian model hottie Elisabetta Canalis removing her bikini top for a blessed adjustment, candidly revealing her bare boobtastic atop a boat parked outside an Italian beach resort. She's not actually sunbathing topless, but she sure is taking her sweet time to put her bikini top on, providing the gentleman oglers in the area with telescopic lenses the opportunity to feast peeps upon former George Clooney motorboating territory.

Elisabetta Canalis has been topless before, but essentially in stage photo shoots for fashion magazines that smell like French hookers. Not that that's a bad smell, mind you. Now, the chance to see Elisabetta's bare funbags quite peeping Tom like is really just a thrill. Thank you, ill fitting string bikini tops. You really are the best. Enjoy.