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India Reynolds, Holly Peers, Sam Cooke And Courtnie Quinlan Lead the Blessed Topless Fun in the Page 3 Roundup

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We used to have these girls do battle. Now, I’ve evolved into pure peace mode where I simply want to smell the flowers, err, ogle the flowers of all of them, appreciative of British funbags in a more loving and uniting manner. Sure, the notion of girls pressing the chest flesh against one another in contest is beyond tingle inducing, and to be clear, I’m still imagining that right now, but why not a world where four amazing looking beauties with supreme racks can merely laugh and giggle and occasionally pillow fight when I ring the bell of extreme happiness? I’m not sure that’s even a real question

India Reynolds, Holly Peers, Sam Cooke, and Courtnie Quinlan were kind enough to bare their heavenly wares, two by two, eight by eight, for the pure power of passion. A more benevolent motive there never was, likely never will be. Sweet hot feel good peeks. No hidden agenda save for perhaps what lay beneath the belt. This is what I mean by an all-over smile. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3

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AnnaLynne McCord Nipple Peek Wardrobe Malfunction Dining Out in Hollywood

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We haven’t seen the quite mesmerizing AnnaLynne McCord in some time around here, so what a pleasant surprise for her to make a strong comeback aided by her bare nipple peek inside her braless top. Braless is the new chic style in Hollywood, though the lithesome CW hottie has always eschewed the undergarments since we first started following her. The subject of many a nip slip and lip slip in the past. I can certainly respect a sextastic woman who rolls commando. In fact, I can respect her more than her peers who do not. It’s simply a more efficient manner of dressing.

AnnaLynne wasn’t headed anywhere particularly special, but out to dinner. Why not share some of your blessed hot body and bare boobtastic peeps with those of us who had to dine at Jack in the Box but still wanted a show with our meal. Humdingers. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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Andrea Lausevic Black And White and Topless All Over For Bambi Magazine

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There’s an explosion of hotness talent coming on display from the former Eastern Europe, with models baring their beautiful bodies in increasingly widespread magazine moving more and more to the forefront. As it should be. Let the cream rise to the top. As it were. Hide the children just in case.

Andrea Lausevic declares her body beautiful in the new edition of Bambi Magazine and indeed she is one amazing looking specimen of femininity. I lust me some alluring women with super fine funbags parading and preening in black and white. It makes me feel like I’m a museum, a museum where I can drink beer in my La-Z-Boy while leering. So, the best museum ever yet to be invented. Andrea, you are one inspiring woman. I can’t wait to see what comes next. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bambi Magazine

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Paula Bulczynska Topless Peeks at Perfect Teats For P Magazine

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I happen to be a mega fan of crazy hot Polish models with absolutely mesmerizing au natural racktastic bodies. I know, another just me thing. But take a gander at the wanton lust inducing pictorial of Paula Bulczynska in P Magazine. Just simply outstanding, outrageous, and nearly out of bounds given what a wholesome family style site I try to run here. God forbid the children see beautiful nude shots and start mainlining Pixie sticks and fornicating someday.

Once again I’d like to point out that the creation of visual wonderments can rely entirely on a skilled photographer, a camera, and a super hot woman. Everything else is just static really. Not that I mean to take jobs away from those ten other people who run around magazine photo shoot sets screaming and smoking and sometimes crying, but honestly, join the merchant marines and see the world a bit. Leave the naturally sextastic to do their thing for the lens. Just like Paula. Simply amazing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Emanuele Ferrari For P Magazine

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Charlotte McKinney Topless in Alleged Leaked Photos

Is This Really the Charlotte McKinney Jackpot?

I’m not so sure about this. I’ve seen these photos and there’s only one that looks quite like Charlotte McKinney as I’ve happened to memorize her mind, boobies, and soul. But one does quite look like her. See if you can tell which. The others, well, you can CSI them. As always with randomly appearing naked celebrity selfies, I advise you to look, but don’t touch. Okay, you can touch too.

Here’s the best current safe site to SEE ALL THE ALLEGED CHARLOTTE MCKINNEY PHOTOS. I put that in ALL BOLD CAPS because I’m channeling my inner tween texting girl. Also, you really should look. Investigate. Enjoy.

Amanda Nekkid Hot Beneath the Petals

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Photographer Alessandro Casagrande knows how to capture the beauty of the beautiful ladies. Purple Diary loves to showcase the models that make men tingle. The combination with model Amanda in Milan leads to the truly eye popping topless wonderments of one stupendously hot female form. Right down to the rose petals cover up Amanda’s, well, budding rose.

I feel like I’ve been in lust with sextastic nekkid women since forever. Though realistically, it’s only been since kindergarten. Hey, some people learn to read or write at an early age, I picked up on other things. You don’t necessarily win the same awards for your parents wall, but you do feel rather warm inside. Amanda, you make me feel that warmth one again. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Casagrande For Purple Diary

Stefanie Knight Loses Her Bikini Top On A Photoshoot In Malibu

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Bikini babe Stafanie Knight went sans top for a photoshoot for storied purveyors of expensive water and hot chicks 138 Water. She starts off with a top that can barely contain her massive boobage. Her yabbos are just too big for a mere piece of cloth. That’s when she decides to take it off and reveal nature’s goodness. Sweet Jesus, is there ever some amazing racktastic in these pics. As if all of that amazing boobie fun wasn’t enough, you’ve also got some tight shots of her perfect booty. Her cheeks are a thing of beauty. They should be bronzed and hung up in an art museum. Or better yet, they could come over to my house and I could play with it for a while. Either way.

What I do know is that all of this ogling her boobs and bum are making me thirsty. Maybe I’ll have a 138…hey…their advertising works. Good job, ad men.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet