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Naked News Naked Jamaican Hedonistic Adventure (VIDEO)


When I heard the girls of Naked News were headed down to Hedonism II, the clothing optional resort in Jamaica, I thought to myself, hmm, I really hope they bring lots of cameras. And why of course they did. And they shot everything, I mean, right down to nekkid water sliding and scuba diving. That is so genius I want to give it a Nobel Prize and invite it to sit in the special box at the State of the Union Address.

You know I only pimp the shizz I love here on Egotastic! Quality content for your visual happiness. You really should get your Naked News fix. I highly recommend it if you happen to kind of like beautiful girls taking off their clothes for the love of you seeing them nekkid. Personally, I can't think of a higher ideal. Enjoy.

Check Out the Naked News Hedonism Nekkid Girls Tour Video (Uncensored)

Kurara Horie Removes Her Silken Robe for a Memorably Nekkid Photoshoot


Oh, that I were to live like a king in Japan and pick my own concubines. That would be the life. Well, I'd still need to have my DirecTV NFL package, but that would be the life. Okay, also my Diet Dr. Peppers, but I think you can get those in Japan. So my plan is ready to engage.

From among the list of potential candidates to fill my rice-paper walled boudoir would be Japanese glamour model Kurara Horie. You know, mostly for the conversation. After seeing Kurara remove her silky robe and reveal her epically fine female form beneath, I'm quite convinced she would be my perfect Connect-4 gaming partner. Oh, that Mother Nature does win awards for her busty Asian beauties. They really are some of her finest work. Enjoy.

L.Shima Nude and So Epic Body Hot I Want To Cry a Little Happy Tear


Exotic model beauty L.Shima really throws my entire circuitry into a flickering bit of disaster. I'm often rendered unable to use my voluntary muscles, stuck in my seat, attempting to mumble out the acronym 'OMG'. I can't think of a hotter image than L.Shima and her bodacious body barely covered in a wife beater and some Daisy Dukes. It's like she Incepted my mind and pulled out the super secret fantasy files and then reproduced them in real life. I don't think clams can be as happy as I am today, so I won't draw the comparison.

L.Shima, really, we have to get together sometime so I can charcoal sketch you. I don't actually know how to charcoal sketch, but I could probably pretend well enough that you wouldn't notice that I'm hardly looking at my canvas during your sitting. My knees are knocking again. Please, L.Shima, don't ever make it stop. Hot damn. Enjoy.

Josephine Skriver Topless Natural Hotness for Allure


If you happened to notice the almost six foot tall lithesome Danish hottie in the Victoria's Secret fashion show last fall, that was Josephine Skriver, a Danish delight of an entirely different and high fashion sort. The 21-year old is gaining major traction in European modeling circles so I think it's about time we see her topless from the pages of Allure Russia.

I'm not suggesting that every man should have themselves a model hot young girlfriend with a perfect slender style body, but I am suggesting that almost all men should. Naturally, some prefer the buxom bouncy ladies. Or like me, they're poly-hot-bodyists who like women in all shapes and sizes. But if you happen to see Josephine Skriver coming up in your profile searches, you could do worse. A lot worse. Enjoy.

Cara Brett Nekkid Hot Yam Supremes in Her Own Backyard


I'm not sure how we overlooked Cara Brett all these wonderful months and years, but EgoReader 'James' sure took note and gave me a good lambasting with a side of tongue-lashing. But the manly kind. Indeed, I find it hard to believe I ever missed Cara Brett and her stellar sized funbags. Right there under my nose. I shall do a few Hail Mary's as penance.

Cara definitely seems quite well equipped to maintain the eyeballs of leering men and Sapphic leaning women. Just seeing her strip out of her swimsuit in her yard makes me believe Cara would be a super fun neighbor. You know, the one you invite over to watch The Oscars a week after the Oscars were on TV then pretend you didn't realize your mistake. Anything to see Cara in a low cut slinky dress ready for some champagne. Not that I suggest you follow this specific move as it can result in black eye syndrome. But girls like Cara do inspire so much mischief in men. Enjoy.

Summer St. Claire Topless Lingerie Striptease Heats Up the Joint on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


I look forward to the summer time each year if for no other reason than to have reason to check out the latest hottest photos from the seasonally named sextastic Summer St. Claire, who never disappoints, only excites, in her outrageously alluring lingerie striptease shows.

If only there were a similarly bodacious topless female form named Spring, Winter, and Fall, then we could have all of our equinox topless needs on topic. Still, endless Summer remains a very viable option, especially given the tingles the glamorous model is able to deliver with her fetching smile and that to-die-for body. I can imagine being its protector, if not inspector, or just fondler, in that order of preference. Bless you, Summer, and all the smiles you give the world. Enjoy.

Eliza Sys Topless Beach Photoshoot For Your Sextastic Siren on Rocky Shores Needs


Yeah, I'd crash my vessel into the rocky shores if I saw Belgian model Eliza Sys laying their topless on the coast line. What better way to perish in a blaze of glory than navigating your craft toward her sextastic goodness. I think that's a metaphor for my entire approach to women in my life as it is. A helpless sailor run adrift by the siren call of some amazing funbags.

In this Aaron Feavor shot pictorial, you can see that the entire extent of what is needed for a killer photoshoot is a killer hot and willing model, a camera, and Mother Nature's own bounty of dramatic backdrops. Eliza and her fine female form do the rest of the work. You can have your tropical sandy beaches, this rocky shore bespeaks of the good kind of danger to me. The kind of trouble you get into with Belgian models and never regret. Enjoy.