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Jordan Gets Topless For “The Death Of Youth” Project


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Who is Jordan and why does EgoReader ‘David R.’ love her so dearly? I can’t rightly say, other than his letter to me read like the most beautiful proposal letter ever. In fact, I’m lifting half of his letter to re-write my belusted Edita Vilkeviciute and see if I can’t make 2015 be the year we both get married and acrimoniously divorced when I release our sex tapes accidentally on the Chans.

The photo project is called The Death of Youth. It sounds pretty dreary. I remember when my old man told me, your youth is over, it’s time to get out into the real world and get a real job. I was seven. It took me time to adjust. My coal miner’s hat didn’t even fit right. But it’s true, everybody has to grow up sometime. Fortunately, sometimes they grow up to be sextastic topless models in art shoots. Then everybody wins. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Giovanni Lipari

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Kayslee Collins Topless Simple Hotness in Fetishisms Outtakes

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You know I’m a big fan of the Jonathan Leder shot Fetishism series of photos. You also know that outtakes are more awesome often than intakes? That might be the wrong word. Those photos that didn’t quite make publication but are often more smoking hot than those that did. As is the case of Kayslee Collins who shot for Leder’s Fetishism Volume 2 series. Yep, some wicked fine outtakes.

I’m rather passionate about these bare styled candid snapshots of sextastic daring models like Kayslee. They just evoke so many wonderful feelings of peeping, peeking, and all around prurient fun. No need for elaborate staging or productions or post-productions for that matter. Photographer, camera, hot girl. The way it ought to be. Oh yeah, ogler as well. If a sexy girl takes her clothes off in the forest and we’re’ not there to see it, it never really happened. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Fetishism Vol 2 Video Outtakes

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Ewa Sonnet Topless Bodacious Lovelies Performing on the Rooftops

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I do so love my busty Polish girls. I should say, I’m infatuated with them. It does turn into something much more when they ascent their abodes to get topless on their rooftops. That’s a spiritual climb truly. One I ogle with extreme reverence.

Glamour model and erstwhile singer Ewa Sonnet took a break from being not flashing her epic knockers to doing just that while being the best thing to ever appear on the roof like a sextastic Santa. Wow she is a looker. And those fully loaded funbags are simply impossible not to dream of motorboating. Vroom vroom. Consider the outboard already started. Ewa, you are a tingle inducing Polski of exquisite proportions. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ewa Sonnet

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Amanda Peet Topless! Leslie Bibb Bare Nekkid Bottom, Diora Baird Blurry Topless Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

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Oh, happy days when blessed and beautiful Amanda Peet flashes her bare knockers on the little screen. Thanks to Amanda and a slew Amazon pilots we have one amazing Boob Tube Roundup this week that also includes Leslie Bibb walking the catwalk nekkid, hottie Diora Baird in a bra and then no bra, Karisssa Shannon and Kristina Shannon topless though pastied on their backs, Ivana Milicevic leading her Banshee hotties, and much much more.

January truly is the best time for topless wonderments on the boob tube. A renewal of the social contract between producers wanting ratings and the gentleman oglers willing to give it to them with just enough skin. It really is a beautiful thing. Check it out and see if you don’t agree. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Banshee/Cocked/MadDogs/SalemRogers/Togetherness

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Charimsa Carpenter Topless and Bound, A Second Better Look

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In these outtakes from the upcoming feature Bound we see the great Charisma Carpenter topless in what appear to be some sexy S&M scenes. I looked up the plot of this film on IMDB and it sounds like a real masterpiece. Apparently, Charisma plays a wealthy woman that is seduced by a younger man that introduces her to the wonders of getting tied up during sexy time. By the way, I’m not being sarcastic about my looking forward to seeing this movie. I’m seriously psyched. It’s sort of a dream come true for me to see Charisma Carpenter with her boobies out. When I was younger and I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer I used to ask the Lord above that one day I would see Charisma naked. Thank you, God.

What I’m saying is that dreams do really come true. Now if only Sarah Michelle Gellar would take her top off and make out with Charisma I would die a happy man.

Photo Credit: Bound

Colleen Shannon Looked So Hot Earlier, Let’s See Her Nekkid in Playboy

Colleen Shannon Topless In Leather For Playboy Plus
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I’m fairly helpless to resist my own game now of seeing one sextastic celebrity earlier in the day and no peeking at her without any clothes on later in the day. I’m pretty sure Milton Bradley is about to make me an offer to turn this into a board game. For now, it’s simply platinum blonde hottie Colleen Shannon who we saw earlier in hot pants on the set of a movie, now in no pants at all flashing her tubes emeritus on the pages of Playboy magazine.


People always give the advice not to dwell, but I’ve been dwelling on Colleen’s impossibly hot Playboy body for the past twenty-nine minutes and I feel nothing but fantastic. Maybe I had that advice wrong. Our friends at PlayboyPlus are throwing in a kicker with these stellar shots of Colleen Shannon. A Free Week of Playboy.TV. They want you just to try it out, because everybody who tries it out loves it. I did. You will. Is that dangerous? Not as dangerous as when Colleen Shannon comes to you and asks you if you’ll do anything for her and you say yes before knowing what it is. Because that could happen. Enjoy your Jamaican prison stint. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

READER FINDS: Lucy Aragon Topless Beach Vine, Katy Perry Bikini Boobtastic, Bai Ling Topless, and Much Much More..

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Well, hello there, Friday. Only the finest day of the week. The day named after the Nordic god of having a cold brew and kicking your feet up on the ottoman. Not only the end of the work week, but the day we pay tribute to the tributes gifted to us by our faithful readers. You prurient millions who represent the best and brightest this world has to offer. Well, at least the most gifted in the naming of Victoria’s Secret models. That’s a something skill you ought have on your curriculum vitae.

This week’s Reader Finds includes vintage hot modeling shots of Sienna Miller in lingerie in American Sniper (hot undies via ‘Cameron’), Shailene Woodley topless hotness in her indie (lovely lusties provided by ‘Steven H.’), Paz de la Huerta topless in her skinematics (eyeball popping Paz delivered by ‘Ken’), Paulina Porizkova in her post SI days topless thespianics (Paulina pouties thanks to ‘Ian G.’), sextastic model Nadja Bender quite topless in her jeans (many kudos to veteran contributor ‘David M.’), Marina Sirtis topless in classic skinema (brunette funbags courtesy of ‘Randy’), Lucy Aragon sort of accidentally topless on the beach (Vine spotted by ‘JJ’), Katy Perry cleavetastic amateur bikini top peeks (talk about your fireworks, thanks to ‘Aimee’), Juliette Lewis stripping to bare her knockers (she just keeps on flashing, ‘Owen’ just keeps on finding), Irina Shayk barely covered nekkid lingerie shots (epic captures of Irina via ‘Simon E.’), Latina hottie Dorismar topless in Playboy (outstanding peeks from the mail of ‘Everett’), Bai Ling topless sandy bare beach teats (found reminiscing thanks to ‘Jay D.’),  America Olivo quite topless on the silver screen (delightful contribution by ‘Allen’), and Adele Exarchopoulos in one smoking hot photoshoot (love me my Adele, thanks to ‘David E.’). It’s a lot. But I know you’re up to the task. Commence leering. Enjoy.