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Pregnant Nicole Trunfio Topless Treats for Harper’s Bazaar Australia


I don’t see my lust for hot pregnant women as a curse, I see it as a blessing. For one, women will always get pregnant, that’s not ending any time soon. Secondly, the best looking women will always feel a need to show off their pregnancy, that’s a wonderful new thing. And finally, stop judging me! I do so lust the look of stellar women burgeoning with life, not to mention the milky udders that come as part of the package.

Nicole Trunfio has always been one of my Aussie transplant favorites. I actually cheered aloud when she moved to the U.S. to ply her craft, bare her wares, and inevitable produce future attractive next generations from her blessed womb. Why not share the miracle of her work quite unclothed in Harper’s Bazaar Australia. I’m not saying every woman with child should do the same, but let’s start with all the supermodels and expand the program from there. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Australia

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Anni Jurgenson Topless and Freaky Deaky in ODDA


If you have a thing for unique looking Estonian models and some rather unique slash fairly creepy shot topless photographs, well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. I just had to share this bare pictorial of Estonian modeling hard working teen Anni Jurgenson all kinds of weirdly shot and Halloweeny in ODDA magazine. It’s definitely different than much of what we put in the Egotastic exhibition space daily, but I like different. Shake things up a bit with Anni’s au natural bare teats and a penchant for Goth showmanship.

If you ever have hopes of working with Baltic models, I’d definitely start sketching out some creepy leaning poses and stagings. That seems to be a fairly common theme for their work. I’m not sure if that’s cultural or just a stereotype employed by photographers who have never been to an Estonian party before and drank and danced and giggled silly for twelve hours like I have. Those folks are anything but morose. They can however hold their liquor far better than I. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: ODDA Magazine

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Will Kendra Wilkinson Accept Her Tranny Loving Husband Back? I Don’t Know, Let’s Look at Her Nekkid While We Discuss



Kendra Wilkinson has been in the news of much lately, both discussing her sexual experiences with Hef, and discussing her husband’s sexual experiences with another transgendered male and whether or not she’s going to take him back. That’s a lot of discussing. I’m not one for lots of talk, instead I prefer to focus on ogling. No matter where you land on Kendra as a person, there’s no denying you would like to land on her as a Playboy model, and thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus, let’s take another delicious tour down Kendra mammary lane.

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There is a reason Kendra is famous and successful to this day and it was all predicated on these alluring looks and short but sweet body of hers. The clubs wanted Kendra the minute she turned eighteen because they could see in her an immediate draw for the male clientele. They were right. As was Playboy in picking her to be Hef’s concubine and reality show starlet. And even now I guess she and her reality shows appeal to a completely different demographic. But it all started with the bodacious body. Quite the career foundation. Enjoy.

By the way, did you see that thing above about getting PlayboyPlus for one-hundred cents?  I hope so. It’s Christmas, get this done now.

Photo Credit: PlayboyPlus

Kazuki Asou Platinum Wig and Double Platinum Nekkid Body



Here’s what I’ve learned from my tour of Asia and Japan in search of Eastern sextastic celebrities — I really do like my work. I feel kind of like a poor man’s Indiana Jones uncovering treasures from around the globe. Only instead of silly artifacts or material treasures, it’s the most invaluable booty of all, that is wicked hot passion inducing women with very few clothes on. Like Japanese glamour model Kazuki Asou. Oh, yes, this is a find.

Okay, so the wig might be tipping pretty far in the cosplay anime direction, a good thing for many of you, the underlying hot bodily talents of Ms. Asou in this boudoir striptease are rather astounding. I’m not saying this is the best way to share with your children where babies come from, but it’s certainly not the worst way either. I’ve managed to find a good excuse to comb through ridiculously hot photos of Asian girls, I’m sure you can think of some excuse as well. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Kazuki Asou

Nadja Bender Topless Twins on Danish Delight Duty


Are you like me? Do you dig hot Danish models with a penchant for flashing their ridiculously perfect boobtastic? A silly question to ask around these parts, I know. Nadja Bender starts in the current edition of Twin magazine, which seems aptly apt for her twin set of funbags bared and all toasty warm looking for the holidays.

Nadja seems like the slender hottie who just likes to hang around the house in her blue jeans and no top on on a lazy Sunday. That’s sort of how lazy Sundays get turned into more vigorously active Sundays, but all the better. It’s quite hard to resist those alluring eyes and passion inducing lady parts especially when she starts biting on her fingers. I’m a sucker for a finger biter. It’s the international female symbol for E-ticket ride ahead. Yeah, I’m old, what of it? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twin Magazine

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Tommie Jo Creamy and Tasty Topless Photoshoot For Your Christmas Shopping Time Distractions



Look, it’s the season of giving and all that. So when EgoReader ‘Dennis’ tells me if I don’t share photos of his favorite glamourous model Tommie Jo, he’s going to have a shizz fit, well, who am I not to play virtual Santa for Dennis. I assume he’s been naughty, that’s a given for all Egotastic! readers, but unlike St. Nick, I don’t see naughty and nice as mutually exclusive qualities. That’s very linear thinking. No offense, Big Guy.

Tommie Jo certainly has a female form you won’t soon forget, at least not until you try to best Uncle Rod’s spiked egg nog drinking family record, then you’ll forget everything but your desire to find a lavatory because a gallon of milk if a gallon of milk. Speaking of, the densely rich cream Tommie Jo pours down her top like a truly gourmand is the finest seasons greetings I can think of.

I’ve seen the shoppers out there in the evening hours. It’s brutal. Stay safe, shop online and keep this gallery open while you do. Trust me, stress will pour out of your body along with anything else that might be your private concern. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Tommie Jo

Mellisa Clarke Lingerie Striptease for Topless Tautness on a Ta-Ta Tuesday


Oh, Sweet Mellisa, how I’ve missed you so. A day, a week, could it be even a month without goth brunette hottie Mellisa Clarke is like an eternity absent and devoid of her simply spectacular sextastic simple charms. Au natural and very little in the way of production is how Mellisa rolls. Myself as well, though nobody’s going to hit the brakes hard to check out my topless lingerie spreads, I mean, not until I have my summer body ready.

On Tuesdays we celebrate the ta-ta’s that make life worth living and eyeballs worth having and the happy tingles Mother Nature ensured when she connected our retinal cones almost directly to our family jewels. Well, played Ms. Nature. And well done once more, Mellisa Clarke. Your body inspires me to be a better man, or, in the least, a man who has given up the hobby of lawn darts in order to spend more time drooling over your photos. It really is far safer and more satisfactory a sport. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mellisa Clarke

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