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Colleen Shannon Looked So Hot Earlier, Let’s See Her Nekkid in Playboy

Colleen Shannon Topless In Leather For Playboy Plus
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I’m fairly helpless to resist my own game now of seeing one sextastic celebrity earlier in the day and no peeking at her without any clothes on later in the day. I’m pretty sure Milton Bradley is about to make me an offer to turn this into a board game. For now, it’s simply platinum blonde hottie Colleen Shannon who we saw earlier in hot pants on the set of a movie, now in no pants at all flashing her tubes emeritus on the pages of Playboy magazine.


People always give the advice not to dwell, but I’ve been dwelling on Colleen’s impossibly hot Playboy body for the past twenty-nine minutes and I feel nothing but fantastic. Maybe I had that advice wrong. Our friends at PlayboyPlus are throwing in a kicker with these stellar shots of Colleen Shannon. A Free Week of Playboy.TV. They want you just to try it out, because everybody who tries it out loves it. I did. You will. Is that dangerous? Not as dangerous as when Colleen Shannon comes to you and asks you if you’ll do anything for her and you say yes before knowing what it is. Because that could happen. Enjoy your Jamaican prison stint. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

READER FINDS: Lucy Aragon Topless Beach Vine, Katy Perry Bikini Boobtastic, Bai Ling Topless, and Much Much More..

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Well, hello there, Friday. Only the finest day of the week. The day named after the Nordic god of having a cold brew and kicking your feet up on the ottoman. Not only the end of the work week, but the day we pay tribute to the tributes gifted to us by our faithful readers. You prurient millions who represent the best and brightest this world has to offer. Well, at least the most gifted in the naming of Victoria’s Secret models. That’s a something skill you ought have on your curriculum vitae.

This week’s Reader Finds includes vintage hot modeling shots of Sienna Miller in lingerie in American Sniper (hot undies via ‘Cameron’), Shailene Woodley topless hotness in her indie (lovely lusties provided by ‘Steven H.’), Paz de la Huerta topless in her skinematics (eyeball popping Paz delivered by ‘Ken’), Paulina Porizkova in her post SI days topless thespianics (Paulina pouties thanks to ‘Ian G.’), sextastic model Nadja Bender quite topless in her jeans (many kudos to veteran contributor ‘David M.’), Marina Sirtis topless in classic skinema (brunette funbags courtesy of ‘Randy’), Lucy Aragon sort of accidentally topless on the beach (Vine spotted by ‘JJ’), Katy Perry cleavetastic amateur bikini top peeks (talk about your fireworks, thanks to ‘Aimee’), Juliette Lewis stripping to bare her knockers (she just keeps on flashing, ‘Owen’ just keeps on finding), Irina Shayk barely covered nekkid lingerie shots (epic captures of Irina via ‘Simon E.’), Latina hottie Dorismar topless in Playboy (outstanding peeks from the mail of ‘Everett’), Bai Ling topless sandy bare beach teats (found reminiscing thanks to ‘Jay D.’),  America Olivo quite topless on the silver screen (delightful contribution by ‘Allen’), and Adele Exarchopoulos in one smoking hot photoshoot (love me my Adele, thanks to ‘David E.’). It’s a lot. But I know you’re up to the task. Commence leering. Enjoy.

Charisma Carpenter Big Bare Bound Boobtastic, Shanola Hampton Funbags, and Allison Williams Analinguis Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Wow, talk about kicking the 2015 off rightly, justly, and all around quite faptastically. This week’s Mr. Skin Minute highlights three new nekkid fun time scenes on the small screen already this year that might need mention again later in the year during best boob tube moments of the year awards.

This week’s MSM includes Shanola Hampton and Ileana Huxley flashing major topless wonderments in the return of Shameless, Allison Williams getting her bottom chewed out in one memorably innovative scene in Girls, Ivana Milicevic and Lili Simmons making of the topless sexy scenes in Banshee, and Charisma Carpenter and her bountiful veteran boobtastic bare and being tied up in the direct-to-Web film Bound. If you can’t stop the sight of hot women with stellar racks, I’d definitely stay away from this one. Enjoy.

(Naturally, do not forsake your ground floor opportunity for full time access to Mr. Skin with an Ego-discounted Mr. membership of your own bad self. Yep, you deserve it.)

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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Charlotte Springer See-Through Body Suit Becomes Disappearing Body Suit

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I’m pretty sure the see-through bodysuit was primarily invented for the sole purpose of being removed shortly after putting on. Like stupid hats, but oh so much better.

Our heavily belusted brunette glamour model Charlotte Springer was kind enough to show us that about three minutes of said sextastic wear is about the maximum time a gentleman ogler can last before his demands to see even more become near riotous. No need for a riot here. Charlotte lovingly obliges with a peel back and reveal of her spectacular ta-ta’s, on par with the clear evening sky in terms of pure marvel. Though I dare you to try and motorboat the sky. Good luck. I suppose the same goes for Charlotte and her heavenly bodies. Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Springer


Aida Yespica Topless Golden Manic Goodness

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I don’t believe these are new photos of the Venezuelan beauty queen turned Italian TV hostess turned regular hot bodied visitor to the Miami shoreline, however, they are newly published and if you think I’m missing any chance to share topless photos of my dearly belusted Aida Yespica, then you don’t know me as well as you think you do from just the police sketches.

Aida Yespica is simply one of the finest looking lovely Latina ladies on this planet. That’s a big talent pool of competition, but Aida has routinely stuck out with her passion inducing all over ridiculously hot body and that sultry come hither thing that has men coming hither rather frequently and routinely. She doesn’t need any super power stronger than that lest she wants to tempt the stars. Seeing her perfect funbags in this golden shoot just serves as a reminder of the splendor of nature, and just how badly we want to scrump the night away with the splendor. You won’t get that kind of honesty in NatGeo. Only here. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Manic Magazine

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Christie Leigh Topless Sunburned and All Around Scorching Hot

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Christie Leigh seems to have become a little red in the shoulders from all her skin exposure during her shoot for C-Heads magazine. First, let me say, duh, she’s British. And you’re doing to leave that limey out in the sun without her clothes on for how long? Exactly. Second, no need to fear, Uncle Bill is here with his satchel of handy salves, lotions, and ointments all designed to heal the skin when rubbed in for an appropriate amount of time. That amount of time just happens to coordinate nearly precisely with Bill letting out a squeal like a child on Christmas morning. Listen for it, you’ll see.

Christie Leigh reminds us that you don’t need lots of enhancements, to girl or to staging, to come up with some delightfully rich and memorably hot photos of our loveliest of topless ladies. If you have to be reminded, this really isn’t such a bad way for it to happen. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ellis Scott For C-Heads Magazine

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Yara Khmidan Topless Hotness Achieves Maximum Thrust

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Oh happy happy days. Our brunette young bombshell swimsuit model Yara Khmidan is flashing her funbags for Bambi magazine, only one of the five best ever named magazines, and only one of the hottest girls ever to appear between the sticky pages in the form of Yara Khmiadan.

The smoking hot Ukrainian phenom seemed destined to drive men and Sapphic leaning ladies into near madness even with some clothes on. Now? Well, all bets are off. Expect to see millions of lost souls muttering the word ‘Khmidan’ and drooling excessively. I’ll be right at the front of the line. You really don’t want to be the caboose in that queue. Outstanding topless visual delights, Yara. Keep them coming! Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ted Emmons for Bambi Magazine

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