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Thank God It’s Funbags! Stacey Poole Glasses, Boots, and a Whole Lot of Topless Boobtastic


There are a few things that just get me rolling in the kink department no matter how cliche. But few, I mean, somewhere on the order of four thousand and a couple. Including girls in boots, girls in stocking, and girls with glasses. I know it's all merely designed to create some kind of million year old primal trigger inside my mating brain. I know it, and I love it. I gladly ride the river of the manipulated horny souls.

Stacey Poole and her mammaries of glorious times knows just how to make a man like me quake in the boots he's not even wearing. Quaking in your sandals just isn't quite the same. But seeing Stacey in those nylons and boots, and those glasses for which I'm quite certain she has no prescription lenses, wow, I just want to roll into a mailable ball and address myself right into her... sorry, I forgot about the children watching. Let's just say -- Thank God It's Funbags!

Elle Brittain Topless Black and White and Hot All Over for Down Under Glimpses of Glory


If you happen to like your models Australian, blonde, busty, and wicked hot, then you'll love the very same quite outdoors and topless in the guise of rising Aussie model Elle Brittain who is featured along with perfect funbags in the new Oyster Magazine in a shoot by Derek Henderson.

I can't tell you the waves of psychic happiness that overtakes my entire being every time we meet another libido altering  young sextastic celebrity model. It's like watching the bounty of Spring that never really ceases. A horn of plenty for hotties that just gives and gives and gives. Sextastic is one element that will never diminish on this planet. It's self-replenishing. Elle Brittain and those wicked hot ta-ta's of her, cause me a need to replenish as well. Just so damn hot in black and white. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Aly Michalka Sextastic, Diane Lane Nipple Pokes, Chelsea Heath Nekkid, and Much Much More


Ah, the first Reader Finds of the autumn season. Were I Wiccan, I believe I would be required to dance a jig and eat some chervil, but I'm a horrible dancer and herbs only serve to confuse my simple palette. So instead I'll just make a commitment to double down on my previous double down to show even more sextastic unclad women in the coming season, today starting with your help and the opening of the vaunted Reader Finds bag o' fun stuff.

This week's Reader Finds includes delicious Debora Omassi in a topless fine photoshoot (many thanks to EgoReader 'Buck'), Dutchy hot actress Katja Herbers quite topless on TV (lovely low country leers via 'Damian'), Hayley-Marie Coppin topless on the silver screen (one of my super faves courtesy of 'Ellis F.'), Christina DeRosa topless in her late night movie role (skinematics provided by 'Owen'), Elizabeth Gillies cleavetastic in a tank top (found by the finder 'Francis'), Jessica Palette topless in her motion picture turn (sweet funbags delivered by 'Aimee'), Yael Stone a moaning from OITNB (lovely lass groaning via 'Ethan'), Kelly Lynch classic movie topless throwback (leerable Lynches thrown over the fence by 'Lewis D.'), Annette O'Toole topless in her own 80's classic (meows lent to us by 'Steven'), Aly Michalka ever so fine and modeling (mmm Michalkas air-dropped by 'Meredith'), Ana Beatriz Barros sextastic as she can in lingerie (oh, my Barros heart be still thanks to 'Ray W.'), Melissa George topless in one underrated flick (funbgs divined by 'Barry T.'), Paulina Porizkova topless in her star turn sort of (sextastic tops of P.P. provided by 'Dennis'), Diane Lane super hottie nipple pokes (a product of 'Glen J' benevolence), and last, but not least, my newly belusted 138 Water model Chelsea Heath back when she had a different name and was taking it all off for the cameras (ooh la la's provided by a ton of you, thank you ever so kindly!). Enjoy.

Summer St. Claire Topless in Pink Lingerie for Our Summer Season Send Off Soiree of the Sextastic


Summer, we barely knew you it seems. The season of bikinis and sweaty tops and shorts and toned long legs and beach going boobtastic, it's like we only just began. Thankfully, while you and I might be back to the perma-grindstone with the change in seasons, the sextastic celebrities we track like eaglets are pretty much year round frolickers and exhibitionists with extensive vacation dollars and bikini collections.

To mark the official end of summer, we take a look naturally at the naturally amazing wonderments of Summer St. Claire, stripping down in her pink lingerie to reveal her seasonally named bounty. Of course, we ogle and pruriently leer at this particular Summer all twelve months out of the year, as does her body faptastic so warrant. If only we knew a similarly fair maiden named Fall I could really make something poetic out of this post. Alas, weep yet over Summer. Enjoy.

(For all your seasonal hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

Lissy Cunningham Drop Dead Boobtastic Takes On Sam Cooke And Her Tubes of The Unreal


It's Battle of the Boobtastic time. That once a week epic moment when we provide the entire world the premiere roadmap for solving it's conflicts with soft billowing boobs as opposed to all that other nonsense. This week's BoB features the rock solid but beachy soft Lissy Cunningham and her light locks of uncovered goodness and veteran brawler Sam Cooke who can and will hold her own. As would you if those amazing yams were in your possession constantly.

But the hard choices come by way of your votes. Unlike Congressional elections, these votes really can and do count for something. Funbag supremacy for a week of cheers. Or, in the case of the loser, a week of tears. Now, you must decided between the winner and the not-winner. In your blessedly expert opinion, between these two gem stones, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

Battle of the Boobtastic: Lissy Cunningham vs. Sam Cooke

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Sophie Reade Topless Mammaries of Tingle for Your Viewing Pleasure


We simply don't get to see blonde bombshell Sophie Reade often enough. The platinum haired bodacious beauty comes out every now and then to flash her stellar hot body and some funbags nonpareil in the fluffy and cushiony categories. Oh, how I'd like to snuggle up next to those twin self-warming pillows of joy. Obviously, you need to ask politely for permission first. I'm only an animal on the inside.

Featured in the latest edition of Zoo magazine, Sophie reminds us that all the complicated photo set ups and wardrobes and stylists in the world can't compete with simply one amazing looking woman with one even more outrageously hot body. Glorious in, glorious out. Sophie Reade has a whole lot of glorious. Enjoy.

Lucie Wilde Massaging Her Hams in the Kitchen


Sometimes you just need a hot girl with enormous mams to froth her precious yummies in the kitchen to remind you why you get up every morning. Or at least what you were dreaming about just prior to waking up. Oh, I hate when my alarm goes off in the middle of those perfect REM sleep visuals.

I'm not exactly sure what Lucie Wilde is doing to her lovely large inflatables but I know I'm not going to ask her to stop, ever. I'm a very modern guy who believes the kitchen is a place for both the man and the woman. Having said that, if I saw a man doing this in my kitchen, I'd chase him out of the house with a shotgun. Lucie on the other hand, I'd offer a job a my home chef. She really does seem to understand the meaning of the word gourmet. Enjoy.