All Of Vanessa Hudgens’ Sexiest Halloween Costumes

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earl-jonas - October 24, 2018


Vanessa Hudgens is famously the queen of Coachella, so it's no surprise that our fashionista is also known for her spookily sexy Halloween costumes. The twenty-nine-year-old High School Musical alum has come a long way since her wholesome Disney origins, and doesn't mind showing off some skin in order to pull off her elaborate looks.

She interestingly looks like Sofia Vergara in a couple of these pics, which is only going to expand her fan base. Now if she would just go as Vergara. And Vergara would go as Hudgens. And they would both be disguised as naked strippers. What a wonderful world it would be. Anyway. Yeah. A very Vanessa Hudgens Halloween. You don't want to miss it.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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